VWA School of Woodcraft

The VWA School of Woodcraft runs facilitated Woodworking classes to suit students with a variety of different levels of woodcraft skills.

To register for a VWA class requires a few simple steps -
- Read the Overview to understand how our classes operate
- Check the Timetable to see which classes are of interest to you
- Read the background on the tutors as each tutor has different skills, and different tutors take different classes
- Send an expression of interest via the Class Interest Form
- We will contact you to confirm the availability of a position in the time you prefer.

1. On submission of this form, it will be collected by the school co-ordinator and you will be contacted shortly after. Please note that the VWA is a voluntary organisation with no full time staff, so it may take us a few days to get back to you.

2.  Confirmation of available positions only comes available at the end of each term. Only when a placement is offered to you will you be required to make payment, and send proof of payment.

2. It is important that your class payment is processed prior to attending your class. Due to the inherent safety risks associated with woodworking machinery, it is vital you are insured when in the workshop, and this insurance coverage is only valid once your class fees have been processed.

Course Information:

For further information, please call the course co-ordinator, Meg Allan, on 03 5776 2178