Alex Lesniowski

Alex’s journey in the furniture trade began over three decades ago, from industry through to design and branching out into teaching. The first step of his journey was a five-year apprenticeship as a wood machinist and then cabinetmaker before setting off as a journeyman for five years and obtaining the title of master craftsman.

The next stage was a four-year degree where he obtained a BA Hon in Furniture Design and Manufacture at Leicester Polytechnic, UK. After many years of designing furniture and interiors for corporate clients, he moved into teaching, and is currently teaching at RMIT school of Design (Furniture) and the Victorian Woodworkers Association School of Woodcraft.

Throughout this journey, his learning curve has not diminished, with the ever-expanding possibilities of new technologies and materials. Students of today tread the line between their unbound enthusiasm and the carbon footprints they leave behind. With Alex’s guidance, many of his students have gone on to win awards and start their own journeys, with light footsteps.