Image - Carl Lutz

Carl Lutz was educated in New Zealand and studied Art and Design at the Wellington Polytechnical School of Design specializing in Ergonomics and Furniture Design in the 1960’s. He settled in Australia in 1967, after several years working in Antique reproduction and restoration.

He is self employed as a Custom Furniture maker, French Polisher, Wood Carver, Turner.

Carl is a master craftsman with expertise in the fields of Contemporary Furniture Construction and Traditional Furniture Reproduction and Restoration.

Carl has had a life long affair with wood from the forest to the created article. An extension of his expertise has been an interest in selecting and seasoning local timbers of traditional varieties . He has experimented over many years with glues and finishes, some created from very old recipes and he will use antique hand tools where appropriate although in latter years he has demonstrated a flare for using modern machinery also. Where possible he likes to create an article from tree to fine piece.

Carl has made a vast study of History of Furniture and along with this developed a comprehensive knowledge of historical times . His general knowledge is extensive and all stems from his passion for wood and furniture.

Of late Carl has been spending more time trying to teach others the old techniques of craftsmen from the handtool era -  many of these techniques are now lost and Carl is anxious to pass them on.