Randall Kohn

I have been working with fine timber joinery professionally for over 15 years, but have a vocational history that has crossed many industry sectors, with a common thread involving design and fabrication of materials, mechanisms, and visually creative expressions.  My passion lies not only with timber itself, but with the expression of ideas and concepts through materials, whether it is fine art or a functional object, one of a kind or a prototype intended for production.

My focus at the VWA School of Wood Design, is to aid people express themselves through woodcraft. You will learn how to make beautiful wooden objects you can be proud of using different techniques to accomplish your goals along with safe use of machinery for expeditious production. We will explore design, timber selection, outline how it will be constructed and work through the sequence of processes. This includes the use of CAD in the design and manufacture process should you wish to utilise those tools, but you will need to be sufficiently proficient in your chosen program.

Importantly you will take with you more than your finished work. The ‘plan and construct discipline’ is a way of thinking, acquired in this case through woodcraft. It involves creativity, analysis, planning and invention. This skill is applicable beyond woodworking across many practical situations.

Randall's work can be seen at: http://www.designamax.com.au/