Public and Product Liability Insurance - A scheme for woodworkers and other craft workers

The Victorian Woodworkers Association Inc. has negotiated a group insurance scheme to provide Public Liability and Product Liability cover for members who are:

  • Professional woodworkers who sell their works
  • Other professional craftworkers who sell their products, including those who sell at craft markets
  • Non-professionals who may sell their work on a regular or occasional basis
  • Those who teach their craft to groups of 10 or less
  • Those who demonstrate their craft or exhibit to the general public for a fee
  • Those who design and make their product, provided that no separate design fee is charged

It should be noted that this scheme does NOT cover Personal Injury to the member, or Professional Indemnity Insurance.

It is also NOT intended for:

  • Distributors selling a non craft product produced by third parties.
  • Manufacturing businesses or trades persons
  • Enterprises with more than three people working in them
  • Sellers of food products or fresh produce
  • Makers of sit-on or climb-on toys
  • Use or sale of cosmetics, skin care products or the like, and body painting
  • Sale of imported or wholesale products
  • Sale of any other products not craft related
  • Installation of products when this involves alteration of, or mechanical fastening to, existing structures**.

Full Membership Category:

The VWA category of “Full Membership” provides this important insurance service to members as an additional and inclusive benefit. The Policy covers the registered member plus 2 persons involved in their activity.

Indemnity Options:

Option A B
Fee $ 215 $ 235
Period 1 Sep 17 - 1 Sep 18 1 Sep 17 - 1 Sep 18
Public Liability $ 10,000,000 $ 20,000,000
Product Liability $ 10,000,000 $ 20,000,000
Tenants Liability $ 10,000,000 $ 20,000,000
Property in Physical & Legal control $ 50,000 $ 50,000
Excess $ 500 $ 500

Note: The insurance year runs from start of September of the current financial year to start of September of the next financial year. The full insurance fee is paid no matter when in the year you join. i.e. there is NO pro-rata rate.

Extent of Cover: World wide, excluding the USA and Canada
Underwriters: QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited – ABN 78 003 191


** Installation Liability Option:

A number of our professional members require a more extensive cover with regard to permanent fixture and installation of their work. We estimate that approx 10% of our members need protection for this activity. This will be of particular benefit to makers involved in kitchen interior fit-out work or physical attachment and or modification of, or to, existing structure. An extension to the current policy to cover this activity has been negotiated with our broker for an additional $150.00 p.a. The VWA will pass on this extension of the current scheme to our members at no additional cost.

This policy includes liability for any installation work, such as placing plugs in walls, fixing and attaching makers work to existing structures, and also includes cabinets and fitouts (provided that the particular Member is licenced to carry out such work and there is no breach of the building codes of the relevant State or Territory).

This policy does not cover members for any incidents giving rise to a claim, if Contractors and/or Sub-Contractors have been employed to perform the installation work

Additional Insurances offered to VWA members by City Rural Insurance Brokers:

  • Home & Contents
  • Workshop/Studio, Building, Equipment and Contents
  • Personal Accident and Illness Insurance

For Full Membership and Insurance application forms contact:

Meg Allan
Membership Secretary
Victorian Woodworkers Association Inc.
2650 Mansfield – Whitfield Rd, TOLMIE VIC 3723
Tel: (03) 5776 2178
Fax: (03) 5776 2185

For Insurance Information and Advice contact:
City Rural Insurance Brokers Pty. Ltd.
GPO Box 7138 Hutt St Adelaide SA 5000
Ph: 1300 887 429 or (08) 8272 7785
Fax: (08) 8357 8994