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7.30pm, Wednesday 26 April

Benjamin Reddan's Workshop

Benjamin Reddan completed his studies and apprenticeship in Cabinet Furniture Making at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 2014. His final assessment piece was the Ikebana Cabinet “Awakening of a Dream”, for which he received two awards from the Australian Furniture Association. The cabinet and other work will be on display at the workshop.  There is parking available on the street.


Ikebana Cabinet


Made over a two-year period the Ikebana Cabinet is an exceptional piece of craft and design.  “Awakening of a Dream” is a 360 degree viewing cabinet, the piece can be viewed from all angles. The cabinet is both sculptural and functional when opened it presents an Ikebana arrangement.

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7.30pm, Wednesday 22 March

Workshop visit to Vesper Tools

9A Leah Grove,  Carrum Downs, VIC 3201
Chris Vesper is known to woodworkers across Australia and around the world for his exquisite squares, sliding bevels and marking knives. He aims to ‘design, manufacture and sell the best woodworking hand tools available anywhere’. One reviewer for Popular Woodworking Magazine, Chris Schwarz, noted that ‘Vesper makes the best sliding bevel I’ve ever used’, which suggests that Chris is s achieving his very high aspirations.

Chris has just moved into a new purpose built workshop. He will take us on a tour of the production process and talk about his approach to toolmaking and the art and science of striving for perfection.


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7.30pm, Wednesday 22 February, 2016

Pianos Recycled

Pianos Recycled.jpg Pianos Recycled - table 300w.jpg

Guest Speaker: Mike Hendry, Pianos Recycled

Pianos Recycled deconstructs old pianos destined for landfill or that have passed their use-by date, and then recycles the various components. This fully recycled and sustainable product offers to woodworkers and cabinet-makers an opportunity to work with timbers that are almost universally 100-135 years old, and featuring in particular, some veneers that are rare in the modern age. Mike will talk about how pianos are dismantled and show some examples of pieces made from piano timbers.

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Wednesday 22 February at 7.30pm
Burwood District Bowls Club,
Burwood Reserve,
Warrigal Road,  
Glen Iris 3125

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