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The Residency Program supports up to five emerging wood craftspeople and designers. The 3-year program includes the provision of studio space at our North Melbourne headquarters, access to a fully equipped machine room and opportunities to network with like-minded professionals. 

The VWA conducts a residency program for aspiring designer–maker craftsmen seeking to kickstart their careers into profitable businesses.

The program runs over 3 years and provides:

  1. Subsidised rental
  2. 24/7 access to a fully equipped machine room
  3. Dedicated workbench space
  4. Access to office space for client meetings
  5. PC, printer, photocopier, and internet access

More about residency benefits

VWA studio space at North Melbourne headquarters

Additionally, residents benefit from interaction with their peers and can draw on the experience and network of the VWA.

In return for the benefits of tenancy, the VWA expects residents to:

  1. Attend VWA meetings to network with members and industry
  2. Exhibit in all VWA Exhibitions
  3. Make end of year presentations to members and committee on past progress and future plans
  4. Have clear objectives and plans on how to move their careers forwards

Spaces are strictly limited and all applicants must pass an interview and provide a folio of work.

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