Next Meeting:

7.30pm, Wednesday 26 July 2017

Guest Speaker: David Upfill-Brown
 'A Lot of Wood and Some Stone'

Large Meeting Room
The Meat Market
5 Blackwood St
North Melbourne

David Upfill-Brown is one of Australia's foremost furniture designer-makers. He has been involved at the highest level of the craft for many years, teaching both in Australia and Internationally. David describes his biography as:

Age 6 I hardened sticks in the fire
Age 14 lacerated my right-hand middle finger on Dad’s Shopsmith.
Age 16 I sold board games, checkers etc. to a local gallery.
Age 21 I was introduced to the stone carvers of Rhodesia.
Age 25 came home with a carving set instead of the weekly shopping.
Age 27 I had a sculpture exhibition in Cape Town that was roundly knocked.
Age 30 schooled at Parnham College in Dorset.
Age 33 migrated to Cuppacumbalong Art and Craft Centre in the ACT.
Age 38 I was invited to teach at the ANU Wood Studio.
Age 52 I helped establish the Australian School of Fine Furniture in Launceston.
Age 57 I helped establish the 9 Month Comprehensive at the CFC in Maine.
Now I teach there, and at the CFW in NZ and Sturt in Mittagong. And I make furniture.