VWA Meets

The VWA hosts meetings during the year on a wide variety of topics of interest to woodworkers. These might be workshop visits, product demonstrations, talks by makers or visits to timber manufacturing facilities (eg a veneer pressing plant).

Due to the impact of COVID19, meetings are currently on hold.

Latest Meet

Meet#57 – Members Meeting: Rubio Monocoat Information Session.


Meat Market Meeting Room
3 Blackwood St, North Melbourne VIC 3051

We are excited to announce our first meeting for 2023, where we will be given the opportunity to learn about the benefits of using Rubio Monocoat finishes for woodworking projects.

Hardwax oils have become a go-to finish for many woodworkers, however with so many products available it can be tricky to make decisions about which finish might best suit your projects, and how they should be properly applied.

This session will be an interactive opportunity to see Rubio Monocoat finishes in action, ask questions and learn from an experienced professional.

Some light snacks and refreshments will be offered and as always we encourage members to catch up as we come together.

Everyone is welcome including non-members and friends.

We look forward to seeing you there!



Meat Marketing Meeting Room

3 Blackwood St, North Melbourne


10.00 am Saturday 18 February, 2023

Past Meets

18 Feb 2023 Meet#57 – Members Meeting: Rubio Monocoat Information Session.
13 Dec 2022 Meet#56 – 2022 End of Year meetup & Artists in Residence presentation.
29 Oct 2022 Meet#55 – Member’s Meeting, Ceres Fair Wood. 
27 Feb 2020 Meet#54 “Alma Doepel” Schooner Restoration
23 Nov 2019 Meet#53 Steamrail Victoria
28 Aug 2019 Meet#52 FSC Accreditation of Victorian Native timber Harvesting
24 Oct 2018 Meet#51 Veritas Tools Demonstration
13 Dec 2017 Meet#50 Tenant Presentations
25 Oct 2017 Meet#49 Exhibition Floor Walk and Annual General Meeting
27 Sep 2017 Meet#48 Visit to Bern Chandley’s Workshop
26 Jul 2017 Meet#47 David Upfill-Brown: A Lot of Wood and Some Stone
24 May 2017 Meet#46 Screening of ‘Creswick’
26 Apr 2017 Meet#45 Benjamin Reddan’s Workshop
22 Mar 2017 Meet#44 Workshop visit to Vesper Tools
22 Feb 2017 Meet#43 Pianos Recycled
23 Nov 2016 Meet#42 Artefact Furniture Visit
26 Oct 2016 Meet#41 2016 Annual General Meeting
29 Sep 2016 Meet#40 Tour of Maton Guitars Workshop
22 Jun 2016 Meet#39 Kevin Inkster, CEO Arbortech : Ideas into Products
18 May 2016 Meet#38 Why Timber Changes Colour
27 Apr 2016 Meet#37 Visit to Andrew Potocnik’s Workshop
23 Mar 2016 Meet#36 Makers’ floor talk at Create from a Crate Exhibition
24 Feb 2016 Meet#35 Timbecon
23 May 2015 Meet#34 Tenant Presentations
22 Oct 2014 Meet#33 2015 Annual General Meeting
23 May 2015 Meet#32 Visit to Timberwood Panels, Plywood Fabricators
23 May 2015 Meet#31 Phoebe Everill The design process: from idea to product
23 May 2015 Meet#30 Visit to: Timber Zoo – Recycled Timber Warehouse
25 Jun 2014 Meet#29 Ray Bellette of Natural Timber Oils
25 Mar 2015 Meet#28 Phoebe Everill The design process: from idea to product
25 Feb 2015 Meet#27 Joe Chester Treehorn Design
22 Oct 2014 Meet#26 Jugo Ilic
22 Oct 2014 Meet#25 2014 Annual General Meeting
25 Jun 2014 Meet#24 Ray Bellette of Natural Timber Oils
20 May 2014 Meet#23 Hamish Hill Guided Workshop Tour
28 May 2013 Meet#22 Dan Wollmering presentation to members
18 Feb 2014 Meet#21 Floor talk by makers of works on display at the Create from a Crate Exhibition.
11 Dec 2013 Meet#20 Christmas Drinks at the Meat Market
27 Nov 2013 Meet#19 BBQ at Australian Recycled Timber
25 Sep 2013 Meet#18 Susan Wraight
28 May 2013 Meet#17 Timothy McLeod
23 Apr 2013 Meet#16 Christian Cole Furniture
26 Mar 2013 Meet#15 Ashley Ericksmoen
11 Dec 2012 Meet#14 2012 Christmas Drinks
30 Oct 2012 Meet#13 Blueprint Furniture
23 Oct 2012 Meet#12 2012 Annual General Meeting
04 Sep 2012 Meet#11 Fisher Cricket Bats
26 Jun 2012 Meet#10 Meet the Tenants
29 May 2012 Meet#9 Dharpa Djama Woodwork
01 May 2012 Meet#8 A Special VWA Event
28 Feb 2012 Meet#7 Will Goodsir Workshop
13 Dec 2011 Meet#6 2011 Christmas Drinks
25 Oct 2011 Meet#5 2011 Annual General Meeting
23 Aug 2011 Meet#4 A presentation by Andrew Potocnik, Wood turner
28 Jun 2011 Meet#3 Woodworking in the Internet Age: Stephen Farquhar
19 Apr 2011 Meet#2 Adam Stewart Workshop
22 Feb 2011 Meet#1 Mark Tuckey Furniture

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