VWA Meets / 2020

Meet#54 “Alma Doepel” Schooner Restoration


Shed Two
North Wharf Road, Docklands

Join us for the first get together of 2020, as we revisit the “Alma Doepel” schooner and the Steam Tug “Wattle” to see how restoration activities have progressed.


Shed Two, North Wharf Road, Docklands
Follow North Wharf Road Docklands, which is the extension of Collins Street. Drive right onto the wharf and park as indicated by signage. Stroll down to the large shed past the carpark.


Since our last visit to the restoration project in November 2018, work has progressed considerably. Our hosts, Peter Harris and John Foster (our workshop technician at the VWA), will provide an update on progress since the last meeting when a lot of steam bending and laminating of frames was taking place. Now that those are complete, framing is done, planking is more than half complete, and caulking, fairing, and finishing are underway.

It is important that you arrive on time – please arrive between 7 and 7.30pm. There is an automatic gate to pass through that locks at 7:30 pm.

Please also note John Monument’s number: 0417 119 946 – please call John if you have difficulty accessing the site.


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