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WDC Entrance Upgrade

3 Mar 2022 / VWA Updates

Over the last few months the WDC has seen a big clean up. A skip was organised in January by one of our Artists in Residence Raven, who with the help of other members, removed …

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Life Member: Stephen Farquhar

22 Dec 2021 / VWA Updates

At the AGM in November this year, Stephen Farquhar was voted a Life Member of the VWA, a rare honour. Stephen started as a student at the school around 12 years ago, and became interested …

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VWA Wood Design Centre Upgrade Nov 2021

Wood Design Centre Upgrades

22 Dec 2021 / VWA Updates

Over the past months, a couple of our Artists in Residence have been working on a proposal to upgrade a few of the spaces in the Wood Design Centre to create more functional, welcoming and …

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VWA logo and website launch

VWA Logo and Website Launch

20 Nov 2021 / VWA Updates

At the end of 2020, the VWA Committee commissioned the development of a new logo and website to represent the Association moving forward, looking to a new generation of the VWA whilst acknowledging the rich …

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