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We are a not-for-profit organisation, run by members, for members. We aim to support the woodworking community in Victoria, both professional and hobbyist alike. Joining the VWA not only contributes financially to the support of this 40 year old organisation and allows us to continue supporting woodworking in our community, but confers a range of benefits to members.

  • Public and Product Liability insurance for craftspeople.

Annual Membership

Becoming a member of the Victorian Woodworkers Association provides a number of benefits and opportunities including:

  • Mixing with your peers and mentors to exchange ideas and develop useful contacts
  • Expanding your knowledge and skills in woodwork
  • Early invitation to participate in exhibitions
  • Be covered by VWA group insurance for club activities and demonstrations
  • Access to affordable professional insurance
  • Develop marketing opportunities and improve your business skills
  • Visits to industry to inspect tool & equipment manufacture and special processes
  • Opportunities to see the latest developments in woodworking technology & science
  • Visits to individual workshops to learn from the experience of professional woodworkers
  • Exhibitions to showcase members’ work and develop market opportunities

Annual subscription fees and Membership types:

ConcessionFor those engaging in woodworking as a retirement hobby, or students enrolled in academic institutions carrying a student card$30
GeneralGeneral membership for with the professional or amateur who does not require insurance$50
FamilyAs per “General”, however covers more than one person living at the same address$65
CorporateAs per “General”, however is recorded in the business name$65
FullAs per “General”, however also provides Public and Product Liability Insurance.$250

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Victorian Woodworkers Association (VWA)
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42 Courtney St,
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
03 5776 2178

VWA Wood Design Centre and Workshop

5 Tyrone St,
North Melbourne, VIC 3051
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