Residency application

The VWA runs a three year Artists in Residency program for emerging fine woodworkers, which provides a well-equipped and supportive environment at low cost while tenants are establishing their practice.

Applicants should generally have training in fine woodwork, some recent industry experience, a portfolio of existing work, and a business plan for how they intend to develop their practice and business in the three years of the program. 

Successful applicants are also asked to participate in the broader activities of the VWA, and to work cooperatively with each other and teachers and students at the Victorian School of Woodwork.

The VWA residency program application is open until 31 March 2024.

Provide an outline of your goals as a VWA Resident.

In the next fields, please detail your experience in the use and maintenance of the different tool and machine types.

If you do not have an immediate client base, or pipeline of work, generating income is challenging. What other current work or financial support do you have to ensure you will be able to pay your rent on time each month for the next 12 months?

If you have any online presence, e.g. Website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc ... please list the links here. *include full links, e.g. 'https://'

Enter any other notes or information you would like to provide.

Upload a PDF file of a folio of your works. Commentary is expected for each piece of work: e.g. What it is, what it's made from, how it was made, how long it took to make, why it was made.

File name:

File size:

The VWA is both a supporting entity and a community of likeminded professionals. It is this community that will be providing funds to subsidise your rent at the VWA. The VWA does not receive any contributions from government or other entities. Consequently the VWA expects commitment from you that you will be involved in VWA activities. These activities include: - making pieces for entry in annual exhibitions, - maintaining a digital folio of pieces that you work on during the year, - attending monthly VWA meetings, - at the end of the year delivering an oral presentation of your progress of the past year and plans for the year to come. Do you confirm that you understand the commitment expected from you?

The VWA workshop is a shared facility between Wood Design Centre tenants, School of Woodcraft students, and VWA Members. Consequently a high standard of cleanliness is expected. As a tenant you are expected to keep the shared workspaces clean, blown down, swept down, and vacuumed as required. Do you understand and agree to this requirement?

Provide names, email addresses, and phone number of referees.