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Event: Members meeting at Ceres Fair wood 29th Oct

25 Oct 2022

This Saturday, 29 October, we will be meeting at CERES Fair Wood to find out a bit more about how this innovative timber supplier operates.

A tour of the warehouse by Hayden Cronin (Manager, CERES Fair Wood) will allow VWA members to hear firsthand about CERES Fair Wood as a social enterprise and its efforts to provide a sustainable and transparent timber market.

When: Saturday 29 October 10:00am – 11:30am (Morning tea on arrival)

Where: CERES Fair Wood, 31-33 Raglan Street, Preston Vic 3072

What is Ceres?

In 1982 from the passion and commitment of the local community CERES (pronounced ‘series’) was born on the banks of the Merri Creek – a 10 acre ex-tip site transformed into an organic farm, community garden, environmental demonstration centre and kids playground. Today CERES runs extensive environmental and cultural education programs for children and adults, with approximately 1 million people visiting the Brunswick East park, learning in affiliated schools or interacting online.

CERES is recognised as an international leader in community and environmental practice and has won many awards including the United Nations Australia World Environment Day Award and Premiers Sustainability Award. It proudly maintains its financial and political independence, largely through it’s social enterprises including CERES Fair Wood, Fair Food Joe’s Market Garden, CERES Nursery, the Merri Cafe, and the Organic Grocery and Bakery. Find out about them all here.

Machine room bookings November

27 Oct 2022

VWA members can book a place to use the machine room for timber machining on the first Sunday of every month from 1.00 – 4.00pm. The cost is $30 per hour.

The next date for the Machine Room bookings is the 6th of November

Machining is supervised by long standing woodworker and respected teacher Carl Lutz.

Members must have previous experience in using machinery and/or have undertaken at least one term of a Victorian School of Woodwork class or equivalent. Current students can also book the machine room at this time, but the classroom will not be available.

To book a spot, please fill out the form at:  https://vwa.org.au/membership/machine-room-booking/

Event: Sturt School of Wood graduation and exhibition – Cambium

Sturt School for Wood is a renowned year-long intensive course guided by the world’s finest master furniture makers. 

Book to go along and see the graduation and exhibition, ‘Cambium’ by 2022 Sturt School students. Official opening by Jon Goulder (@jongoulder) from Jon Goulder Studio Saturday 19 November 2022 10:45 AM – Sunday 20 November 2022

Book here: https://www.trybooking.com/events/landing/972544


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