VWA Meets / 2018

Meet#51 Veritas Tools Demonstration


VWA Workshop
5 Tyrone St
North Melbourne VIC 3051

Veritas, Canada’s leading woodworking tool maker, are sending two of their best to the VWA.

Vic Tesolin is the author of the ‘Minimalist Woodworker’ and a Veritas expert, while Wally Wilson is a Lee Valley senior manager with 25+ years of Veritas experience

This tour allows woodworkers to come and see how Veritas design and manufacture their range of innovative hand tools and understand why Veritas has become such a well-loved global brand.

We will watch Vic conduct a comprehensive hand tool demonstration featuring a range of Veritas’s premium products including marking and measuring tools, sharpening with the MKII honing guide and a special focus on the Low Angle Jack Plane – a truly versatile hand plane.

We will discuss the differences between products and learn how to choose and use the best tool for the job.

This event is free to both VWA members, and the public, and conclude with a Q&A session open to the attendees.

The Veritas demonstration is not a hard sell product show, Vic runs an engaging and informative presentation perfect for all hand tool enthusiasts, novice or professional.

The aim is to inform and inspire, and the demo runs for approximately 3 hours.

Tour Prize Pack: What’s a tour without the opportunity to win a few prizes? Veritas Tools and Carbatec will be offering a special prize pack at the demonstration – competition entry is free, just fill out the form on the evening.

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