Pip Haydon

Coburg, VIC

Pip Haydon


After many wonderful years in the VWA’s furniture class and sitting on the committee, I’m now the VWA secretary. This fits in around being a neonatal intensive care nurse and a carver of wooden spoons. I make a variety of styles of mixing, serving and eating spoons in both green wood and seasoned timber. I have a preference for the hand tool, hand held, quiet process of the greenwood carving technique, but every now and then I’ll turn on the bandsaw.

Treasure and Tool, The Hand Carved Wooden Spoon

Designing and carving simple, inspiring wooden spoons to be used in the cooking, serving and eating of everyday meals is the aim. The spoons have deep curved bowl backs, straight bowl sides and handles. The shapes are designed to be more easily carved with hand tools in hard Australian timbers by middle aged hands. The shovel bowl shape is borrowed from a particular style of antique Swedish eating spoon. The dropped handle is similar to those on old Japanese ladles used for stirring and scooping the ingredients of miso and sake. As treasure and tool, I carve these spoons with the intention that they are put to work.

Hand Carved Wooden Spoons
Long handled cooking spoons, 28-33cms in length, weeping cherry, paper bark and silky oak
Swedish style eating spoon

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