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Meet our Members: Raven Mahon

11 Aug 2022 Meet our Members
1) Introduce yourself – where are you based, what do you do and how long have you been a VWA member?

I’m a furniture maker based in Narrm / Melbourne, originally from California. I’ve been living in Australia for nearly 5 years now and have been a member of the VWA since the start of my residency in the WDC nearly three years ago.

2) When did you first get into your craft/practice and what was your journey to it?

My practice began back in San Francisco around 2007, when I worked making props and sets for print photography and slowly found my way towards working with timber. Eventually I lucked into an informal apprenticeship with a woodworker in the area and began learning to build furniture. And the rest is history! Over the years I have gleaned new skills and perspectives from the makers and designers I have shared workshops with, including the other tenants during my time at the WDC. My work is largely focused on designing and building for residential settings and is inspired by the elemental and earthy end of mid century design. I appreciate work that maintains connections to organic shapes and textures and although in practice I tend to gravitate towards making in a style that leans on primary shapes and rigid lines, I try to find ways to break out of these habits. 

In addition to making furniture, music has always been a big part of my life, so it’s found it’s way into my practice through a few record store fitouts, LP storage for home collections and a series of limited edition portable record players.

3) Current top three music tracks you listen to or all time favourite song/artist

Visit Raven’s website here.

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