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VWA Artists in Residence Update

11 Aug 2022 Artist in Residence
Isabel Avendano Hazbun

I have been working on a chair for an upcoming exhibition. The chair’s look and construction are based on ‘skin on frame’ kayak builds using glued laminations and steam bending.

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Alexsandra Pontonio

I have spent the last few months working towards the completion of a large bookcase/library commission. The final piece will wrap around two walls and include a ladder for access and a writing desk. 

The brief was informed by the clients’ passion for architecture and significant design from their mutual hometown of Canberra. Background research led me to explore and be influenced by Canberra modernist architecture and Fred Ward’s ‘Total Design’ philosophy. 

Planar panels and linear architectural elements like those of ANU’s Birch Building and the Cameron Offices in Belconnen are prominent in the final design.

I have also been fortunate to have Nae Tanakorn interning with me one day a week who has been a very welcome set of hands on the project.

Alex’s Inspo for brief

Construction highlights include the shaped uprights, and shop sawn veneers vacuum pressed on a thick poplar ply substrate. I have also been fortunate to have Nae Tanakorn interning with me one day a week who has been a very welcome set of hands on the project.

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Jess Humpston

I’ve recently returned to Melbourne after studying at Sturt School for Wood in 2021 and moved into VWA just last week! 

I was a part time student at VWA for many years whilst working as an interior designer and am very, very excited to get started. I already have some projects planned including some pieces for an upcoming group exhibition in Canberra. 

Brandon Harrison

Hi! I’m originally from Brisbane and worked as a Town Planner before I began to discover my love for furniture design and making. I graduated from Sturt School for Wood in 2021 and spent the first 6 months of 2022 in the resident’s workshop there, working on refining the pieces I made during my study. I am looking forward to continuing to refine my visual aesthetic and learning as much as I can about the craft of fine woodwork!

Looking forward to meeting everyone and getting started!

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