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20 Nov 2021 VWA Updates

At the end of 2020, the VWA Committee commissioned the development of a new logo and website to represent the Association moving forward, looking to a new generation of the VWA whilst acknowledging the rich history and contributions of the past.

In creating our new logo, we looked back at the history of the association, the committee and our members. The earliest form of the VWA logo was a tree which was used for an exhibition in 1993. Soon after, the ‘wood shaving’ logo appeared, most likely inspired by the cover of John Makepeace’s book “The Art of Making Furniture”. The initial illustration was created by VWA life member and former President Will Matthysen, who later developed the concept further in 2003 with the help of Swinburne university graphic design students.

The new logo, designed by Hue Studio, is a further abstracted version of the ‘wood shaving’ concept, and represents our ever-evolving but always strong community of woodworkers and all craftspeople in Victoria and across the country.

The new VWA website has been a while in the making, and we’re excited to have an updated site that can be a hub for our woodworking community.

Now it’s even easier to become a VWA member and have the benefits of our insurance, to get connected with our community and stay up-to-date with exhibitions, artists in residence, meetups and a variety of woodworking related topics.

Thank you to all of the members of the VWA Committee and the Sub-Committee for their work over the past year on these important updates for the association.

We’d like express our thanks and appreciation for all the hard work put in by many people to get us to this significant point, including:

• Chris, Stephen F, Vivienne, Adam, Jerome and Meg from the VWA
• Vian and Mariana from Hue Studio
• Sophie and Chris from Hortenzia Studio

And thank you to all of our members for being a part of our community!

Stephen Ziguras
Victorian Woodworkers Association

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