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Life Member: Stephen Farquhar

22 Dec 2021 VWA Updates
Stephen Farquhar

At the AGM in November this year, Stephen Farquhar was voted a Life Member of the VWA, a rare honour.

Stephen started as a student at the school around 12 years ago, and became interested in the organisation and what it did. He was persuaded to join the committee of management, at which time he took over the role of Secretary, a position he filled for 11 years. During that time he helped redevelop the VWA website (twice) and managed it for 10 years, put together a Policy and Procedures manual for the committee of management, set up the VWA Mailchimp account to enable emails to members, sent over 4000 emails, and received over 7000, and participated in more than 100 committee meetings! We are very grateful for the outstanding contribution Stephen has made to the running of the organisation, and very pleased he has elected to remain on the committee while handing over the Secretary role to Pip Haydon.

Thank you Stephen!

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