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VWA Artists in Residence December Update

22 Dec 2021 Artist in Residence

Our Artists in Residence have been busy working on the updates to the Wood Design Centre, working on commissions and (sadly) preparing to move out! Hear from our Artists in Residence about what they’ve been up to over the last month.

Adam Markowitz

Currently moving into a new shared space in Northcote, finally flying out of the VWA nest! Lots to do with electricians, painting, crane trucks and then the dreaded move.

Follow Adam’s move on his instagram here.

Raven Mahon

I’m currently working with Melbourne architect Gab Olah to build a door originally designed by his grandfather in former Czechoslovakia. Olah acquired the original drawings after his grandfather passed away, so it remains unknown whether the door was ever constructed. The frames pictured are vic ash with a coat of primer and will be situated on either side of 10mm clear safety glass.

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