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3 Mar 2022 Artist in Residence
Simeon Dux

The last two months has seen me incredibly busy. Lots of shop made veneers, labelling and blue tape, along with angles and radios. Nearing the completion of this cabinet for John Wardle Architects.”

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Adam Markowitz

In December I received the keys to my new workshop, and by Boxing Day I was out of my old haunt at the VWA. I’ve set up shop in Northcote in a shared space which I am setting up with 3 other furniture makers. It has been both exciting and challenging, with a steep learning curve and lots of hidden costs! It is a good group of makers and it has been great working together to set up the space.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to thank the VWA, and you the members, for helping to support me in my time at the VWA, without which I don’t think I could have grown to a point where I could afford to set up shop on my own. In particular I’d like to thank the VWA committee and Jerome Wielens, who interviewed me many years ago. He was President for the bulk of my time, and instituted a number of successful improvements and innovations at the WDC as well as providing support during my time there, and John Foster the Maintenance Manager who probably didn’t realise that psychiatrist formed part of his job description!

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Alexsandra Pontonio

I’ve been working on a coffee table for architect John Wardle who is hosting a joint exhibition with Simon Loyd at Heidi Gallery during Melbourne Design week. 

Wardle has engaged a collective of predominantly Melbourne-based makers to realise a body of furniture works designed by him for the show. 

The piece is made from Celery Top Pine (Hydrowood) and features soft sculpted forms which have been achieved through a mixed approach incorporating hand work and computer assisted processes.

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Isabel Avendano Hazbun
Samples of woven tyre inner tube using tapestry and lace techniques.
Samples of woven tyre inner tube using tapestry and lace techniques.
Dursley Pederson Bike
Dursley Pederson Bike
Triangulated frame samples
Triangulated frame samples

Repurposing materials that would otherwise end up in landfills is the most effective solution to dealing with our growing waste problem. I am currently working on a furniture collection made from timber and woven recycled tyre inner tubes. It is visually inspired by  the 1905 Dursley Pederson Bicycle’s triangulated frame and woven bike seat. 

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Raven Mahon
SU Planter

I recently completed a Kai Kristiansen-inspired planter box for a client in Melbourne. We decided on New Guinea rosewood as a timber that would approximate the tone and feel of teak, in keeping with the original source of inspiration. The walls of the planter are veneered panels with a birch ply core.  Recesses were routed on an angle to hold the slats to create the tapered pattern on the sides. The square base features mitred dovetails joinery.

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