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Makers Directory now live on VWA website

4 Jul 2023 Featured News

As a benefit of VWA membership, woodworkers can now set up a professional profile and contact details on the VWA website. To set up your profile, log in to your account at: https://vwa.org.au/membership/member-login/ and click the ‘maker profile’ tab. Once you’ve finished, click Save. After it’s been reviewed by us, it will be made public. You can make changes at any time by the same process.

As part of setting up a profile, you can also choose to receive project requests from prospective clients who complete the Custom request form.  It is up to you whether you follow up with the client and the VWA does not charge a commission on this service. To join up to this service, click yes on the ‘Subscribe to Custom Request List’ button at the bottom of your Maker Profile page. 

We will be publicising this service via social media once we have a few more people with profiles set up.

Please note, both of these services are only available to woodworkers.

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